Companies in a critical situation we help with:

  • Preparing and implementing appropriate outplacement program
  • Managing smoothly organizational change
  • Minimizing the negative impact of the downsize (low working efficiency, demotivation of other employees) and boosting the morale and motivation of the remaining employees
  • Eliminating legal complications associated with employment termination
  • Leading successful crisis communication so that situation has as little impact as possible on workers who remain with the company
  • Maintaining the image of a responsible employer
  • Retaining company’s reputation on the labor market and a general awareness of the company as a good employer

Laid-off employees we help to:

  • Focus on the job market.
  • Build a resume so that they have the greatest chance to succeed in finding a new job.
  • Prepare for interviews (interviews training, counseling) and build a new career.
  • Use their knowledge and sell their strengths.
  • Cope with the new, often unexpected and stressful personal situations. For our client’s dismissed employees, we provide psychological support. We encourage their motivation and optimism for finding a new job.
The best reward for us is “Thank you!” from both the client and the candidate. Their satisfaction and following reference on our work.