• Endowment fund GOOD ANGEL (DOBRÝ ANDĚL) supports families with children who due to cancer or other serious diseases are now in financial distress. All financial donations come the Good Angels foundation.

  • MSF (Doctors Without Boarders) is an international humanitarian organization that provides professional medical assistance to people in nearly 70 countries who find themselves in danger. Our financial support helps MSF save more and more lives around the world.

  • Organization Rodina v klidu z.ú. is a nonprofit organization that primarily focuses on an important but under-funded segment such as the prevention of children taking away from their families. The roots of the problems of these families are not so financial, but they stem mainly from social isolation. The Organisation therefore focuses on strengthening social ties and encourages families to cooperate in childcare. Recruit CZ has become a partner of the Action „Aukce v klidu“, whose total yield will be used to directly support endangered families and their children.

  • Life Charitable Society ‘Život Dětem’ helps sick, disabled and abandoned children throughout the Czech Republic who find themselves in difficult life situations. We are pleased that we could contribute to helping the lives many children across the country.

  • In the long term, we also support music school Harmony in Dolní Břežany, which enables children and youth to attend school activities. Our sponsorship helps more than 110 students develop their talents for music, art, dance and acting.